Weight Loss

Why do some people lose weight easily and not others? What causes some people to be more prone to indigestion? Why do some people have higher energy level from vigorous exercise while other tire out easily? The answer: We are all unique individuals.

A single drop of blood contains a biochemical make-up as unique to you as your fingerprint. Many of these biological differences are now being explained by the science of blood type.

Culling from over 20 years of experience treating over 10,000 patients, Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay, the CEO of Natural Therapies Centre, has concluded that food allergies, chemical toxicities, systemic candidiasis, dysbiosis and carbohydrate intolerance are among the main culprits for weight gain. This protocol is combined with the fundamentals of the blood type theory as researched and founded by Dr Peter D’Adamo, the writer of New York Best Seller Eat Right for Your Type for this weight loss and disease prevention programme and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Natural Therapies Research Centre Weight Loss Program Structure (More than 5, 000 clients have done this programme)

Step 1: Go for consultation with the Naturopath. Identify which of the variables are involved.

Step 2 :Do the internal assessment and screen for 6 causes of weight gain variables. Have a personal detox/weightloss program outlined. Detox the toxicities, balance the hormones and follow your bloodtype diet.

Step 3. Go for assessment with fitness specialists. Have personal program outline based on target

Step 4: Decide on length of program

Step 5: Begin the program. Do the three week detox program

Step 6 :Come to the clinic for regular checks