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Microcurrent Therapy

All normal physiological events in all tissues in the body involve a component of bioelectric control. Endogenous voltages and resulting currents that flow in the tissues are in the ‘micro’ and ‘sub-micro’ range. The theory is that dysfunctions in this control system contributes significantly to the aberrant physiological or the resulting pathological process. This is similar to what would be expected following an equivalent disturbance in the biochemical control system(s).                                                                                                                           

The fundamental concept underpinning the use of Microcurrent Therapy on acupuncture related points as an externally applied (exogenous) energy is that it facilitates the restoration (normalisation) of the dysfunctional endogenous bioelectric signals. In other words  if the internal currents are deficient or missing, their supplementation from outside the body helps the body/tissues to regain a normal (homeostatic) status.

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