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Our Case Histories


Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our patients, including children (more than 1000 children have been seen by the centre).


Silicon Implant and Coccydynia

Jane was an vivacious, energetic Eurasian lady in her fifties. I was seeing her because of recurrent pain in her coccyx (tailbone area).

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed silicon toxicity. She eventually admitted to me that she had a breast implant. When we tested her for silicon toxicity, she came up positive.

Treatment: When she went for an x-ray they found no problem. However she decided to have her implants removed. When they removed it, the surgeon found little nodules around the site, consistent with her implant leaking. After the implant was removed she took special supplements to accelerate the elimination of the silicon. The discomfort in her tailbone area disappeared and her energy level went up.


Amalgam Toxicity and Infertility

June was a thirty something year old Hongkonger Chinese, who had tried getting pregnant for years.


Testing: Electrodermal screening showed amalgam toxicity from leaking mercury fillings.


Treatment: The friend who had referred her to me told me later that when June had changed just one half of her dental fillings on one side of her jaw, she got pregnant a few weeks later.


Heavy Metal Toxicity and Skin and Hair Problems

Mary had was Chinese in her late twenties, who had come in to see me with poor skin. She was also shedding hair. It turned out that she had gone away to China as a missionary for a year. The mission organizer in an attempt to cut costs had gotten old tinned food for them. Nearly everyone on the ship had developed poor skin and hair loss.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.

Treatment: When we put her on a program to reduce her heavy metal, and correct her deficiencies, her skin and hair improved over a three month period.


Sinusitis, Food Allergies and Metal toxicity

Jill was a Caucasian in her forties, who had come in with severe history of allergies as well as a long term history of low immunity. Her allergies often took the form of a post nasal drip and sinus like symptoms.


Testing: Electrodermal screening showed heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiencies, candida infestation and allergies to milk and wheat. Hair mineral testing showed very heavy metal (mercury toxicity). The DFM reading showed extremely lowered energy in the head region.

Treatment: While she experienced significant improvements on the anti-candida detox programme, she still had a sinus like symptoms. When she went back to the US for her vacations, she worked with a physician there and did intravenous chelation (where a chelating agent is delivered into the blood stream to pull out the heavy metal). Soon after that her sinus condition started improving significantly.


PMT and Liver Toxicity

Gina was a Caucasian who was an energetic attractive fitness instructor in her forties. She also experienced the most awful cramps during her periods. She would come in complaining that she was feeling poisoned during the fourteen days before her period would start. All this despite her being absolutely careful about what she ate and basically having lots of salads and fruit. Finally we worked out that because of her Phase 11 detox pathway being impaired, she could not break down the increased circulating estrogen. She also could not handle the salicylates that was present in the fruits and vegetables. When she drank coffee during this period, she would often feel very ill.

Testing: The Vitality and Longeivity showed abnormal fluid retention in the cells and Phase 11 detox pathway being impaired. Electrodermal screening showed sensitivity to salicylates.

Treatment: I had her take a powerful liver cleanser called Ultra-Clear that corrected this problem and suggested that she should not drink coffee, during the two weeks before her period began. Gina stopped complaining of her cramps and no longer felt poisoned by her food.


Candidiasis and Detox

Lidia, A Caucasian lady in her fifties had done a water fast with another group. She had gone to this camp and been told that water fasting was very beneficial. The group leader did not check if everybody could fast safely. She felt very ill after the fast and continued being ill for months thereafter.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed candida infestation and allergies to milk and wheat.

Treatment: She went on the Anti-Candida diet. After 3 weeks on the Anti-Candida diet, Lidia felt absolutely wonderful. Sometimes the wrong detoxification programme can leave you feeling worse off.


Candidiasis and Emotional Problems

Cynthia was a pleasant Caucasian lady in her late forties, who came to see me complaining of fatigue and inability to concentrate. She also confided in me that as a recovering alcoholic who had been sober for many years, she experienced herself as being very emotional. She had come to the conclusion that she was an emotionally weak person because she could never manage to control her moods. She also experienced great sympathy for her husband whom she experienced as being very patient with her.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed nutrient deficiencies, candida infestation and allergies to milk and wheat and hypoglycemia.

Treatment: She was greatly surprised after being on the Anti-Candidia diet for a month that her mood swings and temperamental behaviour were almost gone. Her husband actually called me up and said, "I don't know what you are doing with my wife. Whatever you are doing, please keep doing it, because I have a new wife now". Cynthia was very pleased with the results.


Parasites and Bowel Problems

Renee had experienced considerable digestive discomfort for a few years. She frequently experienced digestive upsets and bloating and flatulence. On the first consultation, it transpired that all her symptoms had begun during a trip to Bangkok, where she had developed what appeared to be food poisoning. Thereafter her system never felt quite right.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had parasites.

Treatment: Three weeks after the Anti-Parasite programme, her digestive issues became a thing of the past.


Candidiasis and Clitoriadynia

Claire, a Chinese lady in her thirties tracked me down all the way from Malaysia. She had developed a severe case of clitoriadynia. The area around her clitoris was constantly irritated and she experienced a constant itching burning sensation. The gynaecologists she had consulted had told her it was all in her mind.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth and allergies.

Treatment: After six weeks on the Anti-Candida programme, her apparently imaginary condition disappeared. She was delighted to say the least.


Amalgam Toxicity and Skin Lesions

Casey was a 20 something Caucasian girl who was down in Singapore doing photography for some friends. When she came in, she had very sallow looking skin. Testing showed that she had fungus and mercury poisoning. She moaned and groaned about not drinking alcohol. Anyway on the programme, she lost weight and her skin started looking great. She decided that it had been along time since she had done her dental fillings, so she redid them. During this process, she developed some skin lesions around her mouth. They were so bad that she actually had the worst ones surgically removed.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiencies, candida infestation and allergies to milk and wheat initially. When she subsequently saw me for the next visit, I was surprised to note her new skin condition. When she explained to me what had happened, I tested her for mercury toxicity and leaking mercury amalgams in her teeth. It turned out to be positive.

Treatment: When she saw her dentist and started replacing her dental amalgam fillings with composite polymers her skin lesions disappeared in a matter of days.


Allergies and Skin Problems

Shanti was a pretty Indian girl in her early twenties girl with, eczema around her back and in the folds of her elbows and the back of her knees. It turned out that she had spent thousands in medical bills looking for a solution.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed that she was allergic to milk and wheat. She also had intestinal dysbiosis and could not absorb certain nutrients well.

Treatment: Ensuring she stayed off her allergies for three months allowed the allergies to be minimized. Also the use of supplements like digestive enzymes, high quality probiotics (good bacteria), zinc as well as essential fatty acids did the trick. Her skin became truly flawless and beautiful in a matter of three months.


Fatigue and Nutritional Deficiencies

Mrs Tan, a Chinese lady in her forties came to my office for the sixth opinion. Her complaint, "I'm tired all the time. Is it because I don't eat right? I work full time and go to night classes. Regular eating is out of the question. I thought vitamins helped my energy, but now I am not so sure. My family doctor says that vitamins can't do any harm but that a regular multivitamin is probably enough. I am really confused. I do not know what to think."


Testing: Non-invasive kinesiological testing revealed that Mrs Tan was deficient in the B Vitamins as well Vitamin C, iron and borderline in the minerals zinc, potassium and magnesium. Severe deficiency of any of these nutrients could cause fatigue.

Treatment: Providing her with a schedule of vitamins that she lacked provided Mrs Tan with a lasting solution to her problem of fatigue. Her diet of course had to undergo a radical change and become more balanced. We also added a broad spectrum vitamin mineral supplement.


Fatigue and Hypoglycemia

Mrs Rani, a Indian lady in her forties came to see me complaining of always feeling tired. She would have spells of nervousness, sweating and dizziness. Her heart would race. She would feel spaced out and she would have to struggle to think straight.

Testing: Electrodermal screening revealed hypoglycemia and deficiencies.

Treatment: We changed her diet. She went on a diet that excluded sugars and increased such protein foods as fish, poultry, meat, eggs, soy products, nuts and beans. Three weeks later she felt more energetic and calmer than she had felt in years. She began to see hope for a normal life.


PMS and Estrogen Dominance

Angelina was in her twenties, Asian, petite and very voluble. She was also tired of constantly spending the two days preceeding her menses with food cravings as well as a low grade depression.

Testing: When I ordered a blood test of her estrogen-progesterone balance, it was estrogen dominant.

Treatment: Having her use progesterone cream together with an anti-hypoglycemic diet as well as Evening Primrose Oil brought her monthly discomfort to an end within 2 months.


Food Allergies and Migraines

Katherine who was a vivacious 30 year old Asian lady, came in complaining of headaches and migraines particularly near her periods. In her case, we found that she also had food sensitivities and very tight neck muscles.

Treatment: A course of manipulative therapy, avoiding her food allergens as well as using licorice resulted in her symptoms dramatically reducing in a month.


Ovarian Cyst (T)

Joyce was a Caucasian lady in her 40's with an ovarian cyst.

Treatment: She was put on a watermelon fast for 5 days. On her next scan the cyst was gone.



Vicki was a thirty something, athletically built Caucacasian lady who felt her biological clock clicking away. She wanted to do an in-vitro program. However before she started, she wanted to get herself healthy first.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiencies, candida infestation and allergies to milk and wheat. Hair mineral testing showed very heavy metal (mercury toxicity). The DFM reading showed extremely lowered energy in the head region. Her thyroid values were on the low side from blood testing.

Treatment: She happily removed her mercury fillings, followed the anti-fungal diet and stayed off her allergens. I then gave her specific supplements for her deficiencies. Three months later she started on her in-vitro programme. Barely a month into her program they found her hormone levels rising very quickly. A test revealed that the programme she had begun originally at my Centre to get herself healthy had been enough to make her fertile. She was naturally delighted.


Primary Amenorrhoea and Repressed Anger

Jill was a young Caucasian lady in her twenties passing through Singapore. She originally came in to see me complaining of primary amenorrhoea. She was told by the top gynaecologists of her home town that she was heading for early menopause in her twenties. She was quite distraught at this prognosis and wanted a another opinion.

Treatment: I diagnosed her condition as being stress induced, gave her supplements and specific phyto-estrogens. Two months later her periods resumed. She finally came down to work on a contract in Singapore. Her periods stopped again. This time all the normal approaches did not work. Finally, doing psychological work with her, it came out that she had a deep and abiding hatred towards her father and contempt for the way her mother had allowed herself to be abused by the father. When we worked through this psychological block which disappeared in a dramatic session where she finally had permission to sever her connection with her father, her periods returned for good after four weeks.


Stiff Aching Shoulders

Mai Lan was a 30-year-old Chinese lady who always suffered from stiff and aching shoulders. She was quite unaware that she had developed a dowager's hump. Preliminary investigations revealed that she had had some osteopathic treatment before. However the relief she experienced was only temporary. I found in my examination that she was extremely stressed and this state was reflected in her muscles. She seemed quite oblivious to the state the rest of her body was in. She had an area of muscle tension across the upper back and lower neck which she experienced as being tight and painful. Her lower neck muscles were very tight and there was an area of greatly reduced mobility between the fifth and sixth (cervical or neck) vertebra on both sides.

Treatment: My initial conclusion was that Mai Lan had a simple postural mechanical strain of the joints and the muscles in the base of the neck as well as poor postural adaptation to her working environment. I suggested that she begin a programme of treatment which involved regular sessions of bodywork, alternating with spinal manipulative sessions. Kneading techniques were applied to Mai Lan's muscles, shoulders and the base of her neck. This was done gradually and slowly until her muscles began to relax. A quick high velocity thrust technique was also used to increase joint space her fifth and sixth vertebra and neck. As her neuro-muscular system began to relax, she began to experience a greater and greater sense of relief from her original complaints. Her aching shoulders stopped hurting, her posture improved and she began feeling more energetic.


Backache and Incontinence

Maria, a young Chinese lady in her late 20s and pregnant, came in complaining of backache and a numbness in her right leg. She told me, "I find that when I'm lying in bed, my back hurts even more. As I was taking her case history, she mentioned being actively involved in sports prior to her pregnancy. She had experienced bouts of backache that had cleared without any treatment. Examining Maria, it became increasingly clear that her sacroiliac joint (hip) capsule on the right was strained. This was aggravated by her ligaments being softened during pregnancy.

Treatment: Soft gentle techniques were used to decompress the bones of her sacroiliac joint. As this was done, Maria could feel the underlying muscles begin to relax. Very small, high velocity manipulative thrust technique was used with almost no leverage and a very small force to release the muscle tension. Other areas of tension and stress were released in the back and this allowed the blood to flow into the muscles and release the pain.

Maria went on to have a highly successful pregnancy. However, she came in after her delivery complaining of urinary incontinence. Every time she laughed or coughed, she would spurt urine. This sometimes occurs when the ligaments holding the uterus weaken and the uterus puts increasing pressure on the bladder.

Maria was treated with visceral manipulation. At her subsequent visit, Maria was pleased to inform me that she no longer experienced urinary incontinence.


Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

Mrs Chan a Chinese lady in her forties walked into my clinic complaining of severe lower backache. She had done the rounds of the standard medical doctors, and had been given exercises which she did faithfully. However, relief was only temporary. The preliminary evaluation that I did of her condition gave me the impression that apart from the misalignment of the vertebral structure (or osteopathic lesion) around the fourth and fifth vertebra, she was also suffering from adrenal exhaustion. She also had a an activated Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ).

Treatment: I performed normal manipulative treatment and advised her to eliminate coffee and white sugar. She was also advised to take some Panex ginseng as an adrenal tonic. She came back the next week feeling much better. When her TMJ was supported with a dental splint and treated with Cranio-Sacral therapy, her condition stabilized.


Eczema and Dermatitis (T)

A young Indian lady in her 20s, came to see us with an early childhood history of eczema and dermatitis.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet. After 2 months, her skin cleared up noticeably.


Neck and Backache (T)

A Chinese lady in her 20s a writer. She had chronic neck and backache, right elbow ache, right middle finger ache and twitching.

Treatment: Manipulation was done on her. After the first visit, backache and neck pain was gone.


Bladder discomfort and hives (T)

A Chinese lady in her 40s, a secretary. Had hives and bladder discomfort, aches on the side and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth and allergies. VLA testing revealed impaired Phase II Detox Pathway.

Treatment: Candida diet and supplements. Repaired Liver Detox Pathway. Hives is under control, no need to use anti-histamines. Bladder discomfort cleared up. No more aches on the side. Lost weight and felt better. Manipulative treatment took care of the Carpal Tunnel like symptoms.


Mercury toxicity causing pain (T)

An Indian lady, in her early forties came in complaining of pains on her neck and lower arms and legs.

Testing: Electro-dermal testing showed mercury poisoning coming from her teeth.

Treatment: Had her remove the fillings and put her on specific detox supplements. After removing the fillings and detoxing, all the pains vanished.


Allergies, Post-Nasal Drip (T)

A pleasant 50-year-old Caucasian lady came in complaining of chronic post nasal drip,digestive problems, and stiff neck.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth, chemical toxicities and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet and supplements for digestion. Improvements include more energy, less post nasal drip and loss of weight.


Insomnia and stomach upset (T)

A businessman in his 40s complained of insomnia, stomach upset and low concentration after heart by pass. Suffering for the last 3 years.

Testing: Electro-dermal testing showed allergies and hair mineral analysis showed heavy toxicity.

Treatment: Diet low in allergic foods and heavy metal detox. After 4 months, sleeping well most nights, no more diarrhea and more enthusiastic about life with dramatic improvements in his libido.


Hepatitis A and weight gain

An Indonesian teacher male in his forties suffered from hepatitis A and started putting on weight.

Testing: Electro-dermal screening showed he had Candida overgrowth, chemical toxicities and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet and supplements. Felt more energetic. Started losing weight.


Decline in energy

An Indian housewife in her 40s, started to feel a decrease in energy levels, increase in blood pressure and insomnia.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth, chemical toxicities and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet, stress management and supplements. Improvements include less joint pains after the first visit. Digestion capability improved about 3 months later.


Myasthenia Gravis (T)

An American businessman in his fifties came in complaining of pains all over, and with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. He had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medication and treatments that provided with with poor relief from his symptoms. His life was steadily going downhill.

Treatment: A supplement to detoxify heavy metal from the brain was given and almost immediately after taking this he started to feel better especially when walking or standing within one week. After years of not being able to walk more than fifty metres without discomfort, he was able to play a full round of golf in one month. Three months later, he happily married a young lady in her twenties.


Autism (T)

Two year old American boy diagnosed as being autistic. Presented typical autistic features of no eye contact. Stimming and aversion to touch.

Testing: Electro-dermal testing revealed intestinal dysbiosis, allergies and infections. Hair mineral testing revealed mercury poisoning. EFA blood testing revealed imbalanced essential fatty acids.

Treatment: Diet restriction from allergic food and supplements to help rebuild the gut. Within a few months, behaviour became more manageable, sleeping better, listening to instructions. Then an extended mercury detox programme. Balancing his essential fatty acids and deficient mineralsAfter a year of being diagnosed as autistic, diagnosis changed to ADD. Awareness has improved by 100% and speech is improving by the month. Socialization is almost normal.


Developmental Delay in Speech

Indonesian boy of about 2 years old. Stopped speaking , only mentioning a few words like "bye- bye", after a drastic fall.


Treatment: Cranio-sacral therapy was done. After twelve sessions, he started to speak more, using alternate legs to climb stairs and starting riding his bicycle. Now when he starts talking, it is no longer easy to shut him up.


Fluid in the brain

Indonesian boy born with fluid in the brain. Poor physical conditions and at 6 months presented features of two months developmental delay.

Treatment: Cranio-sacral therapy was done for him. After a few sessions, his motor functions started to improve.


Chronic Fevers (T and Newspaper Report)

A young Chinese girl with a frequent history of fevers and antibiotic treatment for 13 months came to see me. She had persistent fever and was in and out of hospital constantly. This young child had an operation to replace her missing bile duct (biliary atresia) at 13 months.

Testing: Electro-dermal testing food food allergies and intestinal dysbiosis.

Treatment: Diet restriction from allergic food and supplements to build the intestines. The fever started to gradually decrease, overall energy of the child improved. Frequency of being admitted to hospital decreased.


Allergic rhinitis and ADD (T)

A Caucasian girl of about 7 years came to see us. Could not concentrate in class, compulsive eating leading to obesity.

Testing: Electrodermal screening showed she had Candida overgrowth and allergies.

Treatment: Candida diet and supplements. ADD more manageable. Became a much happier focused child. Lost weight, won an art competition 3 months later and went from the bottom of the class to the middle.

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