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A note of thanks to our great benefactor

Several years ago as a young mother, I was greatly troubled with the many health maladies of my sons. One of them, Asher, was a very asthmatic child and the other, Isaac was plagued with all kinds of allergies and was suspected to have Asperger’s syndrome due to his obvious social handicap......


My once asthmatic son has totally recovered from a condition that his pediatrician has told us emphatically that there was no cure. He now engages in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.... My once autistic son is now a sergeant of the Singapore Armed Forces. While a college student, he was also in leadership position as a student counsellor. In a few months, he would commence his degree course in Singapore Nanyang Technological University. And all these accomplishments are that of a young man was once a child known to be allergic and autistic. Dr. Sundardas is a compassionate healer who truly cares for his patients.


Rosalind Tan (mother)


My Autistic son was diagnosed at 2 and a half years. He has severe intestinal dysbosis. Allergies followed and his behaviour was uncontrollable with tantrums, sound sensitivity, head banging, biting, withdrawn and extremely shy. He had no speech whatsoever, some babbling. He had sleep disruption at night. He went on gluten free, casein free, wheat free diet, egg free and within a few months showed improvement in behaviour when candida was eliminated. There were more improvements especially with sleep and within 3 weeks of taking NDF, he became alert at school, listened to instructions better and on the third week tried to speak to classmates, teacher and even started to sing-along. After a year, his diagnosis has changed to PDD. Speech is still delayed but getting better by the month. His awareness is almost 100%. Socialisation is almost normal. He plays well with other children of the same age.


Janet Ryder (Mother)

My son was nine when he was diagnosed as dyslexic. Remediation programmes at DAS and Enigma did not help. At eleven, we discovered he had Irlen Syndrome – .... His academic results had always been bad….. I met Dr Sundardas and he suggested a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). This led to my son’s rapid recovery once Dr Sundardas knew what the problem was. Within 3 months of therapy, my son no longer sees printed words/letters as jumping. With the removal of mercury and other toxins from his body, my son has shown improvements in his memory and processing power. His reading improved and his handwriting too.... he is now able to move along with his peers in school.


Mrs Joslyn Chua (mother)


When Aden first came to see Dr Sundardas in 2017, he was diagnosed with ASD and was hyperactive, had no eye contact, could not communicate and had no interaction with his peers. He was also impatient, constipated and was prone to hitting his head with his hands. 

With Dr Sundardas' naturopathic intervention which included change in diet, supplements and Craniosacral Therapy, Aden's condition improved considerably. 

After three months, he was more patient and he no longer was hitting his head. His eye contact increased, he could speak and was no longer constipated. 

Within nine months of starting the treatment, he could focus, sit down quietly and he could go to the toilet regularly. 

After one year, he was more compliant in Kindergarten. He could focus and his teacher could manage him.

At this moment, Aden can speak, sing, focus, pay attention at longer intervals and is very patient. He can even play the piano. (Please see the videos below.)

Thank you Dr Sundardas for all your help.

Aden's Mother
















Optimal Health

Testimonial for Alpha Machine 10/5/2022


Sunday started out very well for me; I changed the bed sheets, vacuumed the floor and was excited to head out with my partner for brunch.  Just before I showered, I blew my nose, and then felt I needed to clear my throat.  I was surprised that when I did that, some food came out (and it was a good 15-16 hours since I last ate).  When I got out of the shower, the fever and lightheadedness started.

I came into the clinic after 3 days of not being able to keep my food in, felt light headed, and experienced sound and light sensitivity.  I was then placed in a room with minimal light, plugged into my own music, and my feet were placed on top of this "magical machine”.  

Within 12 minutes, I felt an energy-shift, my body filled up with (good) heat, and my systems felt regulated.  22 minutes in, I felt tears released as a realisation hit home.  I could remove my earphones, look towards the light, and even have a conversation with anyone who came into the room.  After 60 minutes, all systems felt good-to-go.  Still, moving forth with mindful rest.

I am grateful for the quiet-solo time spent with this “magical machine” in a safe and trusted environment.  Thank you. 

With love and gratitude,

Jacq Ong



Thank you Dr Sundardas!

My liver enzymes readings have significantly improved... not all well but already very good progress.


I'm excited and would like to thank Dr Sudardas for all these years of work and treatments.

Hwee Lin

Aden's Piano Concert Performance at School in June 2024

Aden is a patient of mine who came in at 4 years old, ASD, non-verbal, hyper active, no eye contact, cannot interact with peers. He is 11 now going to a special school normal stream and plays music.

Hwee Lin-1.jpg

My Daughter's Eczema Has Improved Thanks to Dr Sundardas!

Svathy Gobinath, Singapore

Our daughter was having a very bad eczema and she wasn’t talking properly. She also didn’t have eye contact and she was always flustered on not being able to make us understand what she needs. Due to her eczema, she would get irritated, and she wasn’t able to focus on learning. She would always point to things instead of trying to communicate with us. She would also flare up with most foods that we try to give her, and she would scratch so hard, sometimes she would bleed, so bad. Some nights, she wouldn’t get full sleep, due to her eczema her sleep would be affected. Some areas of her skin, turned black and it will be so dry, with skin flakes etc. This affected her gut and we realized she wasn’t communicating like how a 4-year-old should. One of our friends who reached out to Dr Sundardas for his health issues suggested we make an appointment and see how he could help. It was so tough for our daughter to even go through some of the initial tests which was required at that time. However, with time and patience we all managed to get all these tests done and followed his food diet according to her blood type. Also, we had a report on kinds of food that we must avoid completely at that time, like for a period and upon implementing, she showed a lot of progress in her development. She became more attentive, and she started to understand and grasp better. She also showed signs of proper speech and articulation of words. We have been seeing Dr Sundardas for over a year now, I wish we knew about him earlier. But it’s better now than never. She’s not completely off treatment but her eczema has reduced slightly and I am sure with time her condition will get better.

She’s already doing so well and has changed a lot from the first time we met Dr Sundardas. We still follow the food chart according to her blood type and she is trying a lot of foods which she avoided a year ago as she wouldn’t like the texture or the taste etc. Now she is this 5-year-old who tries to negotiate with us whenever she can.

Thankful and grateful for knowing Dr Sundardas and will highly suggest him to anyone who needs consultation. 

My Health is Improving, Thank you Dr Sundardas! 

Ms H, Philippines

Thank you, Dr. Sundardas and staff. It's been a year already since I came to your clinic. The 2 photos were taken in June 2022 during our concert and see my current photo. With your guidance and care, I'm improving. (See photos above)

Thank you again and God bless!

Transformational Journey


Natalie Grimbergen, May 2024, USA


My life and well being, my families life as well as the people I have touched have changed for the better because of you, Dr Sundardas

I just want to publically thank Doc and the team for all the work and time that goes into preparing this upcoming workshop we are about to embark in.  I know it is a lot and I want to say thank you in advance. 

I also want to point out, the efforts we make for ourselves toward this workshop will make a huge difference. For me it is hard to go to the areas I am weak in or I have neglected because it feels vulnerable, weak, feeling of failure and I feel exposed.  I also do not like the feeling of the aftermath the next few days when I go there but I do it because I want a better life for myself and know how easily “bad” can go to worse with neglect.


This morning I sat down to begin the Design Your life homework.  Before doing so I read my document from the SM workshop I did in 2016/2017.  I felt my jaw drop on how much I have changed in my mindset since then and the emotional feeling I have as I walk around in the world. I knew I had changed but the level of change was one I could not have fathomed in my mind back then of who I am today.   At the time 90% of the time I felt handcuffed to my past, was running from my fears, felt myself unworthy, was controlled by my job, friends, spouse, and strangers in their emotional responses to the world and I took it on myself.  Today I am what I wanted to be in the document and then some.  I cannot believe it.  The handcuffs are gone and it feels more like a small rope tugging at me in my areas of weakness.  I have broken so many strongholds that held me down in life.  At the time I felt like the world was happening to me and I was a victim to the next wave that would hit and take me down in its wash machine of turbulence.  I was miserable and was living in survival mode.


Currently 90% of my life I feel I have a surfboard to ride these waves and I am getting better and better with my skill sets, enjoying the art if it and seeking bigger waves to surf some of the time.  There are several areas in my life that I am not riding the wave because they are trickier than the others.  I know I need to focus on boosting these areas in my life but I am thankful I have the board and not drowning like I was before.


Doc, I am just one of the many people you have touched over these years.  And I am sure it takes a lot of energy to walk into a group of people who are frightened and angry by there weakness and insecurities seeking to you to help them.  You have an extraordinary gift and I am so glad you are willing to put yourself out there and willing to offer your gift, wisdom and knowledge out into the world.  Personally I have been able to be touched by you and your team.  My life and well being, my families life as well as the people I have touched have changed for the better because of you.  Thank you so much.  . 


I cannot help but wonder because I am doing this workshop again and willing to face “my weaknesses, insecurities, and demons”, how will it influence and change the next 5-10 years of my life. 


Video Testimonials

Optimal Health

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Spinal Health



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