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Posture Screen
Accurate Postural Assessment
Posture Screen1.jpg
Posture Screen3.jpg

Any practice that emphasizes wellness or focuses on the cause of a complaint must offer prominently a posture component as part of the routine analysis. It’s obvious to even the casual observer that the posture profiles shown in the pictures on the left place unusual stresses on muscles, ligaments and joints.

In addition, the changes in the Centre of Mass and Center of Gravity triggers the body’s balance system to work overtime. Where does the extra energy needed for this requirement come from? Is it diverted from other Systems leading to a state of dis-ease? Posture Screen can help make the diagnosis and track progress.


The program calculates a person's Posture Number.

The greater the Posture Number the greater the stress on the spine, muscles, tendons, ligaments and certain organs. It's that simple. It instantly shows the necessity of care and the necessity of CONTINUED care.

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