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Intranasal Light Therapy

Intranasal light therapy literally stimulates the blood capillaries in the nasal cavity in a very non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic light energy into the human body through the blood. This form of non-ionizing radiation on biological systems offers health and medical benefits including effects on cognitive performance, fighting free radicals, combatting Alzheimer’s symptoms and more.

 The therapy has been useful for:

• Improving blood cell count and immunity.

• Activates bioenergy in mitochondria.

• Improves blood flow and peripheral blood circulation.                                       

• Accelerates recovery from heart attack.

• Improved blood and lymph circulation stimulation.                                               

• Autonomic regulation towards parasympathetic tonus, an improvement in blood filling, decreased tonus, and decreased 

   resistance in peripheral vessels.

• Recovery from nerve damage, migraines and headaches

• Improvements in the stress and sex hormonal function.

• Improved symptoms of insomnia.

• Improves cognitive mild cogntive impairment and stroke.

• Improves symptoms in Parkinson’s and  Alzheimer’s 14 disease

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