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Our Health Team


BSc, BNsc(Hons), ND, PhD, MD(MA), DSc, CFMP CST-D


Naturopathic Physician, Homoeopath, Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Specialist


Dr Sundardas D Annamalay is a multiple award winning entrepreneur, Amazon best-selling author, Professor of Natural Medicine and Naturopathic Physician, Homoepath and Acupuncturist practicing in Singapore for the last thirty years. He is CEO of NTC Alliance Group of Companies. He has seen  upwards to 15,000 clients from more than 30 countries. He has spoken in and presented in more than 12 countries.


Sundardas was born with congenital birth defects (cleft lip and cleft palate). Surgeries and drugs to correct this led to secondary damage. By age seven,he was left with speech disabilities, hearing handicap and Aspergers.


After completing his first degree in Physics at 24, he went on to study Natural Medicine. After completing his undergraduate studies in Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Homeopathy and manual medicine, he continued to study with the leading researchers, physicians and practitioners around the world.


This included Bio-reasonance in Germany with Martin Keymer, Acupuncture systems in Taiwan, Sri Lanka with Dr Anton Jayasuriya and Functional Medicine in the United States and European Biological Medicine  with Dr Thomas Rau of Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. He also had the good fortune to study with Jean-Pierre Barral and Alain Croiber. He is also a Diplomate in Anti-Ageing Medicine with American Academy for Anti-Ageing Medicine.


Dr. Sundardas, founder of Natural Therapies Centre, is well known as a determined researcher into the mind-body-biochemical causes of chronic illness and wellness medicine. He pioneered bio-energetic medicine and functional medicine in Singapore.

One of the most well known Complementary Medicine Practitioners in Singapore, he has formalized a Diagnostic Protocol and NTRC Healing System which allows the centre to handle a broad spectrum of difficult to solve health problems.

The Naturopathic Diagnostic Laboratory is his brainchild.

When asked why he changed Natural Therapies Centre from the traditional naturopathic clinic found in most parts of the world, Dr. Sundardas said, "It takes the guesswork out of healing".

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Dr Hadinata Roslan
ND, PhD (Aust)

Hadinata Roslan, is a Homeopath and Naturopath and heads the Clinical Laboratory Testing Department at Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic. He completed his Bachelors Degree in Natural Medicine from YINS College Worldwide (Australia) in February 2014. 

He is trained in Malay and Indonesian Alternative Medicine. He has been researching into the mind-body-spirit Interactions and their impact on a patient’s health. 

Dr Hadinata has committed himself to understanding Islam. He has actively participated in the field of Da'wah through healing and writing in forums. He believes promoting the proper understanding and awareness of the Islam will create a more peaceful society. He holds an Islamic Diploma with IOU and Fanar Institute, Qatar and intends to pursue Higher Studies in the Religious Studies. 

Dr Hadinata has a deep and abiding interest in Silat. He has dedicated himself to being a Madurese Silat Instructor and ambassador for Singapore representing Chakra-V International HQ based in Surabaya with current rank of Wira Mandalika and holding the appointment of "Instructor Utama".

Dr Risha Sharma
B.A.M.S., D.N.Y.T. (INDIA)
Ayurvedic Physician

Dr. Risha Sharma is an Ayurvedic Physician from India. She had completed her bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. With five and a half years of intense medical school training in the core concepts of Ayurveda and modern medicine, she graduated with flying colours obtaining a scholarship in 2013.

She went on to work for a multi speciality hospital in the same year to gain hands on experience in clinical medicine. She later joined a team of gynecologists in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a private medical college in Ghaziabad, India to brush up on her skills in managing and treating female health disorders. 

With a desire to constantly learn new skills and upgrade her knowledge and experience she pursued a diploma in naturopathy and yoga therapies in the year 2014/2015. 

She also holds a Reiki Master’s certification from Reiki Healing Foundation, New Delhi India. 

She has worked with Planet Ayurveda in the past as a Clinical Physician for a year before moving to Singapore in December 2015. In a carrier span of just three years, she has dealt with clients from different nationalities and a broad spectrum of health conditions. Though she has an academic background in complimentary and holistic medicine, her clinical experience in general medicine and female health disorders gives her an edge when it comes to diagnostics and finding the fastest and the best ways of dealing with patients on a day to day basis.

She joined Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic in March 2016

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