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Bioresonance (BICOM)

The first Vega machine was introduced in 1978 by the German doctor of medicine and dentistry Dr Helmut Schimmel. It was the first Bioenergetic or Electrodermal testing device, and has proved since then to be an extremely valuable tool in the analysis of both acute and chronic conditions of ill-health. This is particularly so in many cases of feeling not right but not having obvious symptoms, of vague symptoms that do not correspond with a clear medical diagnosis, of treatment-resistant conditions and complicated, long-standing or changing conditions of allergy, environmental poisoning and hidden infection.

Technology with TCM and Homoeopathy

The use of the Vega machine combines Traditional Acupuncture theory and Classical Homeopathic theory. An experienced practitioner is able to quickly obtain information about many of the stress factors that come from the environment and which are not usually considered in normal medical testing such as:

  • Physical toxic load may result from injury, from excessive fatigue, from harmful electro-magnetic fields (caused by radio waves, computers and high voltage power cables , Ley lines) and from electric currents associated with toxic dental amalgam fillings.


  • Chemical toxic load may result from intolerance to certain foods and food additives, diesel , petrol and gas fumes, pollens, mercury from toxic dental amalgam, pesticides, detergents, fabric conditioners and other pollutants. Hidden infections that are contributing to the overall toxicity such as dental infections.


  • Emotional toxic load may be caused by poor relationships, anger and worry.


What is Vega Testing?

A) The Energetic State (the Energetic Report)

The purpose of E.A.V. is to establish an Energetic Evaluation, a Functional Testing of organs and tissues through the measure of Acupuncture and Electro Acupuncture points in order to determine energetically unbalanced points.

The conductance (capacity to let the stimulation current through) of an organ or a tissue is measured in order to discover energetically unbalanced points knowing that the energetic equilibrium of the human organism is altered, among other things, by the negative ambiance influence exercised by some medications, poisons, insecticides, viruses, bacteria, harmful electromagnetic fields and inflammations as well as certain aliments. The body is the emitting and receiving focus of electromagnetic messages. Cells, as well as the entire organism, constitute what is called in electronics an oscillatory circuit that is capable, if it is submitted to electromagnetic waves, to reach resonance with one of these waves, that is the one that corresponds to the frequency of the circuit. In fact, a very small stimulation current (of about 1 Volt and 10 MicroAmpere) is sent through the acupuncture point. The result of the measurement can be observed on a meter gauge. The ideal measurement is 50. Depending on the results observed on the meter gauge (graduated from 1 to 100).

1° QUANTITATIVES (from 0 to 100)
Lower than 50 - indicates a hypo-functioning organ or function (increase of the resistance of the organ to let the current through).

Around 50 (tolerance from 50 to 65) indicates a balanced organ or function (equilibrium between the stimulation current and the reaction of the organ).

Higher than 50 indicate an hyper-functioning organ or function (low resistance of the organ to let the current through)

2° QUALITATIVES (with needle drops)

When we measure points, the needle does not stay stable at its apogee and starts to fall (more or less rapidly) towards zero. It generally signifies that there exists an Energetical Disequilibrium at the level of the meridian being measured. These measurements are to be preferred.

The ensemble of these measures (QUANTITATIVES + QUALITATIVES) permits one to establish the ENERGETIC LEVEL of the person.



B) Manifestation of the Accord of Frequencies


Thereafter one may restore energetic imbalances with the addition of products and by the MANIFESTATION OF THE ACCORD OF FREQUENCIES between the needs of the person and the product introduced in the circuit being measured. That is what the Dr. Voll called ‘the Medicament Test.’ He observed that by depositing a product in the circuit and if that was the appropriate product, it will correct the fall of the needle and will help the body to re-equilibrate itself.

The most important point of that discovery is that a vibrating information source, representing the product, is transported or conveyed by the electric current following the acupuncture meridian to the organ in question.

In practice, this means:

When testing a product on a disturbed point (with fall of the needle), the following observations can be found after placing the product to be tested in the circuit:

If it does not redress the needle drop, the product is not in vibratory harmony with the needs of the individual.

If it redresses partially the needle drop, the product is helpful but not the most suited.

If it redresses totally the needle drop, the product is in vibratory harmony with the individual's needs.

It is interesting to note that, in certain cases, it is possible to replace the product determined to redress the needle drop by a Manual Therapy such as Massage,

Kinesiology, Reflexology, Microkinesitherapy, Osteopathy, Traditional Acupuncture, or other techniques, such as the Chromatherapy, and to control it thereafter.​

C) Control of Product Taking

Furthermore the EAV technique permits control very quickly if a given product, at the moment of the test, is IN HARMONY with the needs of the person being tested. This allows continued control if a person keeps taking the vitamin, dietary product, mineral element, etc.

In practice, it means that when testing a product on a stable point (without fall of the needle), the following observations can be found after placing the product to be tested in the circuit:

The needle falls, that is the product can provoke a new energetic imbalance.

The needle holds its original position, that is the product has no apparent effect.

The needle measurement is higher than the original reading, that is the product is energetically beneficial.

Homoeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is an effective treatment for many of these loads on our body, in particular the emotional stresses we find ourselves experiencing. With regard to the physical and chemical toxic loads, having an awareness of our exposure and subsequent sensitivity to them is a large part of the cure, as in many cases we can make the necessary lifestyle changes to address them.

Some testers, who are not usually health professionals, test only for allergies and for mineral and vitamin deficiencies but they do not exploit the full potential of the Vegatest system to track down and unmask the root causes of disease.

Readings are taken from acupuncture points of very low electrical vibrations from within the body, and they are compared with homeopathic potencies or native substances that are put in the circuit. No needles are used, the readings being taken by the tester who touches the test probe to the point on the surface of the patient's skin. The person being tested has another probe which they hold in their hand, thus completing the circuit. If the normal reading is lowered it indicates that the substance in the circuit with the patient at that time is relevant for them and they could be poisoned by it or that it represents an allergy.

The really powerful aspect of Vega testing is in the detective work that is possible following the identification of the relevant stress factors and the stressed organs in the patient's body. This is done by a technique called filtering and it involves placing 2 or more test substances in the circuit with the patient at the same time. This enables a skilled tester to gather much more precise and useful information about the patient's condition. This is not possible by a tester who is only testing for allergies, which in most cases are actually secondary symptoms to the primary stress factors and will only be resolved when the causal roots are removed from the patient's condition . The filtering technique determine the relationships between the various indications, for example to find:

  • the most stressed organs

  • key blocking factors to a person's ability to apply their own immune system

  • organs that are most affected by a chemical or heavy metal toxin or by electromagnetic stress

  • the origin of chain reactions that have occurred in the body

  • the location in the jaw of a root canal or a filling that is disturbing the whole body's functioning

The Vega machine is also used therapeutically to test for the effectiveness of remedies or medicines before they are taken. Remedies that indicate improved Biological Vitality or which filter positively against a stressed organ are considered to be effective. This was the original finding that led to the development of the Vega system.

The Vega machine first appeared in 1978, the first Bioenergetic testing device. The new generation Vegatest Expert device (1997), which is partly computerised, takes the testing possibilities to a greater level of precision, particularly in the analysis of Residual Toxins (from unresolved previous illness, negative vaccination effects, viral fragments, pharmaceutical and chemical toxicities etc.) Currently there are a range of machines that are capable of doing Vega testing including the Bicom, Mora and others. We use the Bicom machine to do Vega testing and Bioreasonance therapy.

As with many new techniques, the Vegatest system has been misunderstood and been the subject of some genuine criticism based on real concerns. The misunderstandings have arisen because very few individuals have a working knowledge of modern medicine, acupuncture theory, homeopathy and electronics.

Dr Reinholdt Voll, whose original work in the 50s, 60s and 70s led to the development of the Vega machine, was adept in all these 4 areas. His original research was to investigate whether measurements taken from acupuncture points could be linked to the pathology in the organ after which the acupuncture meridian was named. He did indeed show this link and also went on to demonstrate that his electro-acupuncture system could be used to test the effectiveness of medicines being considered to remedy the pathology.

This was revolutionary at the time, and in orthodox medical terms it is still revolutionary. For those health professionals who have trained and become proficient in the use of the Vega system this effectiveness test is very basic. It is a fundamental part of the approach to health in terms of restoring biological energy and vitality that is at the heart of this system.

The two areas of genuine concern revolve around the reliability of the test results, including their overlap with orthodox medical testing, and the practitionership and clinical excellence of the tester.​


Many of the areas of testing that are possible with the Vega system are either not acknowledged as relevant by more orthodox approaches or else there is no comparable orthodox test for them. These can not therefore be compared. This includes Geopathic stress, Radiation stress, electromagnetic stress, foci of infection, functional organ stress before damage or disease is observable, some chemical and heavy metal toxicity factors, nutritional overloads, and several other environmental stress factors.

The reliability of the test very much depends on the skill of the operator and can take a number of years to be proficient in the test. There has been some controversy on the web, not necessarily with the results discovered with the Vega test but with the reproducibility of the indications by different testers. It has been illustrated repeatedly in clinical trials in Germany that the most important factor in reliability is the expertise of the tester and not the system itself. Also as the patient makes progress with their healing other toxins can be detected which may have not been identified with the first testing. It can be likened to layers of an onion a different toxicity factors are resolved other factors are identified to be resolved.

When considering disease and pathological factors the Vega system gives a positive indication before there is demonstrable pathology i.e. when there is functional disturbance but the body is still regulating itself well enough for there to be no symptoms yet. This does not make for fair comparisons either, since medical tests usually require there to be a symptom to measure whereas the Vega system can give an earlier warning that things are not working as well as they could even though there is no damage or disease. Hence its usefulness in Health Maintenance and Prevention of illness.

​Overlap with Cnventional Medical Tests

Bioenergetic testing overlaps with orthodox testing and is not necessarily an alternative but an adjunct. Its usefulness is in indicating environmental stress factors and intolerances, in assessing progress towards improved biological vitality, in the early detection of functional stresses that are precursors to disease, and in the testing of remedies and medicaments for effectiveness before they are taken by the patient. It is also useful for people who are concerned about health maintenance, prevention and a wellness lifestyle. In areas of developed pathology, such as cancer, heart disease, and slow-growing tumours, it is not as useful or reliable as conventional blood tests, X-rays and scans


Many Health Problems can be Helped through VEGA Testing

These include allergies, chronic catarrh, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, headaches, joint pain, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and psoriasis. Often one of the underlying causes can be identified as sensitivity to an everyday substance such as wheat, milk, yeast, pork, tea, fumes, detergent or house-dust mite. Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, geopathic stress (e.g. Ley lines), subtle predispositions (miasms), and mercury poisoning with associated electric currents caused by dental 'silver' amalgam fillings can also be diagnosed and treated under Vegatest control.


The "VEGA" Test Method

This is one of the systems capable of use within the field of Bio-electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER Medicine). It originated from electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV), which is based on measuring evoked electrical conductivity by the application of an electrode which passes 0.87 volts in a positive polarity, direct current, into specific acupuncture points. The VEGA-test requires the patient to hold a hand-held electrode. Instead of using specific acupuncture points, one point at the end of a finger or toe is used and an ampoule derived from an organ in the body is used as the main diagnostic indicator. In EAV the so-called indicator drop is the cardinal electrical abnormality, in the VEGA-test the disorder control is the indicator of dysfunction.

Electrodermal Testing and What it will Reveal:

  • Candida Overgrowth

  • Bacterial Infections

  • Dental Infections         

  • Dental issues

  • Mercury Poisoning

  • Lead poisoning

  • Pesticide Poisoning

  • Liver Toxicity

  • Lymphatic Sluggishness

  • Organ Weakness

  • Formaldehyde Toxicity

  • Virus Infections

  • Allergies/Sensitivities

  • Vaccine Damage

  • Intestinal Dysbiosis

  • Pre-cancer Markers


Case Studies

Case Study 1
A child with eczema was found to be intolerant to cows milk. With a change of diet and a nutritional supplement selected under Vegatest control her eczema rapidly cleared up.

Case Study 2
A patient with long-standing irritable bowel syndrome was found to be intolerant to yeast and was advised to cut out bread and wine. He was also found to have a toxic mercury amalgam filled tooth associated with 250mV (0.25 volt) of electricity weakening his immune system and causing candida (fungal) overgrowth in his intestine. His symptoms largely cleared up within days following appropriate dental treatment, an appropriate change in diet, and medication for his candida selected under Vegatest control. At his second consultation he was treated for residual mercury toxicity and dysbiosis with homoeopathic detoxification and probiotics selected under Vegatest control. 'Dysbiosis' refers to unhealthy gut bacteria associated with leaky gut syndrome and food intolerance. 'Probiotics' refer to healthy gut bacteria, e.g. acidophilus.

Case Study 3
A patient with urticaria (persistent nettle rash), which had not been helped by antihistamines, was found to be intolerant to certain foods and drinks containing high levels of salicylates. He drank a lot of juices, which contain salicylates. His rash cleared up with cutting out these drinks and with medication selected under Vegatest control.

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