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What If Your Chronic Pain Is In Your Brain?
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Who Is This For?

• Are you in chronic pain? (Neck, shoulders, lower back)?

• Have you tried painkillers and they don”t work?

• Have you tried different approaches - TCM, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy – pain comes back

• This is for you - An exciting new approach

Common Characteristics Of Chronic Pain

The patient may have some or all of the characteristics

  • The patient has been in pain for six months or more

  • The patient's pain is non-reproducible

  • The pain comes and goes but is persistent over time

  • There aren't specific triggers, pain can arise from different factors

  • The patient has a strong emotional attachment to their pain

  • The patient shows signs of catasthrophization

  • The patient shows signs of depression

  • The patient may have paresthesia

  • The patient may be highly sensitive to light stimulation

  • The patient may have a pathologic condition

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Are You Tired Of Being In Pain And Not Having A Solution?
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What If...

• You could discover the real reason why you are in pain

• You are given a personally designed programme to become pain free

• You are pain free in 90 days or less

• You can go back to living the life you used to enjoy before the pain started 

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Case Histories
1 PW-MeiChing.jpg

Neck and Backache, Right Elbow Ache

After the first treatment, the almost constant back and neck ache was gone. As I go through more... sessions, I feel generally better. I dare to work on the computer again. I understand more about my body and definitely have a greater appreciation how trigger points and my muscles work. Relief from constant ache is a god send.       

Mei Ching (Writer)

2 PW-Janice.jpg

Neck Pain, Blood Pressure and Neuralgia

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and testify how much I have benefited from my second session of spinal manipulation that you conducted on Monday, 19 June 2006. I feel really good. I cannot remember when was the last time I

felt this good. Blood pressure at home is very satisfactory. ...The only regret is that I should have consulted you 3 years ago and not spending lots of monies consulting all kinds of specialist  

Janice (Executive)

3 PW-Jay.jpg

Awareness and Balance

I came to Doc and his team...awareness and balance..affecting me on a personal and professional level..received ..treatment from cranial..microcurrent home contributed to a much better and more “aware version of myself... I can’t thank Doc enough for his help.

Jay (Marketing Executive)

4 PW-Lalitha.jpg

Avoiding Back Surgery

I had been admitted  in hospitals for lower back pain..degenerated pelvic issues ... cervical spondylosis ... did not opt for surgery. After Dr Sundardas assessed my condition... I turned up for all sessions... immediate progress...pain that almost caused me to lose my longer an issue. Dr Sundardas’s meaning to life..painless,pain free. Thank you SNC!

Lalitha (Teacher)  

5 PW-Lily.jpg

Chronic Left Shoulder Injury

I had a chronic left shoulder injury..frozen shoulder..problems during zoom calls handling the mouse...a relief when after a few sessions..chronic shoulder problem disappeared. so happy and glad .go back to my normal life

Lily (Senior Executive)

Our Integrative Approach: Assessment
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Our Integrative Approach: Brain Based Assessment
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Our Integrative Approach: Treatments
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Postural Wellness-12.jpg
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Postural Wellness-14.jpg
Postural Wellness-15.jpg
Our Integrative Approach: Manual Techniques
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Postural Wellness-18.jpg

Joint Manipuation

Postural Wellness-17.jpg


Postural Wellness-19.jpg


Our Integrative Approach:
Prescribed Home-Based Exercise
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Discover Which Part Of Your Brain Is Causing
You Pain?
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You can discover if you have a postural distortion.

You will get the screen pictures and a discussion if you have postural distortions

affecting your brain.

Call us at 6323 6652 for an appointment today!

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