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This very sophisticated system of kinesiological testing (muscle testing) enables the practitioner to discover imbalances or blockages impairing optimum health and function. TBM is able to evaluate, reset and rebalance internal organs and most of the known body functions by stimulating reflex points located along the spine which will correct imbalances of functional physiology. TBM could be the answer when an organ is what causes a musculoskeletal problem. TBM can help balance blood sugar metabolism, improve water utilization and neurological function (thinking, concentration, memory), strengthen immune system response (virus, bacteria, parasites), open energy circuits to facilitate energy flow, enhance digestion and circulation and also assist in clearing emotional blocks.

Some of TBM's forte that I have found to be very effective in my practice are:

- Allergy clearing: to chemicals, food, medications, vaccines, pathogens (virus, bacteria, ...), airborne and contact allergens.

- Immune system strengthening: Working with many people dealing with chronic fatigue due to the Epstein-Barr virus or mononucleosis, chronic low grade bacterial infections , lyme disease or any chronic infection from various types of pathogens (virus, bacteria, yeast, parasites), I have found that 99% of the time the immune system is turned off, even if the person is very sick and experience many symptoms. The immune system seems to be oblivious of the pathogens responsible for the infection and it is not doing anything to fight it. It is similar to being exposed to a constant background noise like living close to a busy street or a freeeway, after a while you don't even hear it, your brain stop registering that there is this constant noise in the background, the same happens with your immune system after being exposed to a chronic infection.

Without a functional immune system one can take all the medicine available (allopathic medications, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies) healing is bound to be slow at best and most likely will fail. This is where TBM is an invaluable tool as it enable the practitioner to turn back on and fine tune the various parts of the immune system (thymus, spleen, various T. cells, ...) to a specific pathogen so that it finally recognizes that there is an infection going on, identify which pathogen is responsible for it and go attack it.

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