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SANUM Therapy is a comprehensive natural, holistic healing system used successfully, worldwide, for over 50 years. It is the world’s only process that utilizes the complete natural system of homeopathic and isopathic medicines. 

Based upon the concept of pleomorphism, and working homeopathically and isopathically, SANUM Therapy is designed to work with and affect the living internal environments, or biological “milieus” of patients. Doctors evaluate patients from a standpoint of what is affecting each patient’s milieu, and then determine how the individual remedies may be prescribed in respect to the various conditions associated with a disease process.

The goal is to help support the entire body and to remove any barriers that may be preventing patients from maximizing their genetic health potential. The SANUM remedies that make up today’s SANUM Therapy are designed to help restore balance within each of seven health co-factors by working to:

  • Assist in regulating internal ecology (pH and cell respiration)

  • Support beneficial microflora

  • Improve immune function and microcirculation

  • Compensate for dietary mineral and vitamin deficiencies

  • Assist in repairing organs and systems Remove (detoxify) lifestyle and environmental blockages

  • Reduce the effects of biochemical stress


SANUM Therapy may either be used as a treatment modality alone, or in conjunction with all forms of integrative or complementary medicine such as acupuncture, classical homeopathy, botanical medicine, drainage systems, nutrition, and conventional allopathic therapies.

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