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Modern Research into PEMF

When scientists resumed the study of pulsating electro-magnetic fields more than 35 years ago, they come across an instant effect, which further stimulated their research. They found that a pulsating electro-magnetic field could improve the blood flow in the whole body. Comprehensive scientific studies at European Universities over the last 25 years confirm the success of stimulating the biological energy fields with pulsating electromagnetic fields. Numerous international publications prove the therapeutic effects of Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy. For many years, Bio-Resonance Units incorporating PERT have been used worldwide in the Health and Wellness sector with great success.

In the seventies, research into electro-magnetic fields focused on the body’s own frequency patterns and on how to adjust the oscillations of the induced electro-magnetic fields in amplitude, frequency and interference so as to optimise the measurable improvement of the blood flow. Furthermore, it was necessary to determine which frequencies every organ in our body respond to. The frequency treatment needed not only to affect the blood vessels but also to affect as many organs as possible, ideally simultaneously. As we already know, every organ and every bodily system oscillates at certain frequencies and so can be stimulated at these frequencies via bio-resonance.

Energy Resonance Systems
Energy Resonance Systems are the results of the most recent developments of this frequency research. Bundled multiple frequency patterns are generated by these systems. That means that a number of frequencies are sent out simultaneously. Furthermore, these systems can generate the same or similar currents as those flowing within the body.

What does PERT stand for?
PERT is an abbreviation for ‘Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy”. The primary feature of PERT is that it copies the natural biological electrical and electromagnetic force fields as they occur in the human body. These biological force fields are programmed into PERT devices as developed by Medec– and reintroduced to the fatigued and energy starved body of elderly or sick people. By using the frequency and intensity of the body‘s own energy fields, these vibrations then activate the body’s own energies and assist the affected bodily systems to rebuild energy levels in the cells.

The building block of all living creatures is the individual body cell. The cells are the power plants of life. The body‘s own pulsating energy fields supply these miniature power plants with energy (transport of ions) and improve cell metabolism. This is how the PERT supports the natural self healing powers of your body.

The main energy-physiological effects of PERT
PERT induces physiological micro-vibrations in the various tissues of the body. This in turn leads to the following changes:

• PERT changes the electric charge of the membranes.
• PERT application especially helps energy-deficient cells.
• PERT increases the blood flow in the small vessels.
• PERT deepens breathing.
• PERT dilates the blood vessels.
• PERT induces and reinforces the reconstruction of cells and damaged tissues.
As a result PERT assists in the following physiological changes:
• Improved blood circulation and perfusion.
• Improved oxygenation of cells and tissues.
• Increased nutritional supply to cells and tissues.
• Increased removal of metabolic waste and CO2. • Improved cell metabolism

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