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There is a growing interest worldwide in the effects of natural 'energy forces' and the part that play in the maintenenace of normal health and wellbeing. Questioons inevitably arise as to how energy may be chanelled to assist in restoration to health. Art and Science of Vibrational Medicine helps to answer some of those questions by a well known Naturpathic Physician and earliestMind Body Medicine reseracher in Asia. Art and Science of Vibrational Medicine presents evidence which until now has been acessible only to experts. The materiual presented here is directly relevant to practioners of a wide range of therapies.


Art and Science of Vibrational Medicine provides an exciting and challenging read to anyone who may be interested in or curious about the therapeutic aspects of energy. Technology has now evolved to the point where we can observe and interact with those energetic aspects of life most often described in spiritual metaphor.


This book allows the reader to take a journey into the concept of 'life force' to see that body/mind/spirit are interrelated and therefore able to be described in any realm. Is the energy of the body life force of our spiritual self or a manifestation of neuro-chemical infraction and ultimately does it matter? It will provide a stimulus to discussion among both ther sceptics and those who are already  convinced of the healing potentail of body energy.

Art and Science of Vibrational Medicine

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