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ONDAMED® is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient's autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient's cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that returns the body to its former state of wellness.

ONDAMED® works by using mild sound and accompanying magnetic pulses to stimulate the body at various frequencies. A medical practitioner monitors the response of the autonomic nervous system to these frequencies by noting changes in the pulse and informs the patient of findings, thus providing the information needed for biofeedback to occur. The identified stimulating sound and magnetic frequencies are then temporarily applied to identified areas while the patient relearns how to be in a healthier state. A key feature of ONDAMED is that relaxing frequencies are part of the re-education process. Many studies have shown that tension and stress reduce feelings of wellness and the addition of relaxing frequencies help re-establish the proper balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Biofeedback works because the body is a complex adaptive system that processes information about itself and its circumstances in various networks and feedback loops in order to maintain stability and health. Most of these networks and feedback loops can respond to a stimulus without engaging the conscious mind. In doing this, the body relies heavily on the autonomic nervous system, a system which was once thought to be totally independent of the conscious mind. The autonomic nervous system is now known to be affected by the conscious mind and can even be controlled by it through a process know as biofeedback. The mechanisms by which biofeedback works are not completely understood but it is well documented that biofeedback is safe and effective.

Therapists throughout Europe have been using ONDAMED® for over 10 years with great success. Rolf Binder, the inventor of ONDAMED, has been in the field of Information Technology and Medical Electronics for more than 20 years. Specializing in biophysical medical testing and therapy application, Binder has invented numerous well-known medical devices for German medical equipment manufacturers, including Medtronic. In 1993 he decided to start his own company Binder GmbH and in 2002 opened its US subsidiary, Ondamed Inc. in order to reach a wider audience.

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