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We are exposed to, and assaulted by, the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet - on a DAILY basis! Toxins are one of the main reasons so many people express symptoms of poor health because they weaken body systems and cells, providing a place where viruses, unfriendly bacteria and other destructive elements may survive and flourish. Ongoing, periodic detoxification is essential to maintaining optimal health.

Homotoxicology, the theory of disease developed by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985), understands illness as the human body’s defense against toxic substances (homotoxins) that threaten to overwhelm the intercellular matrix. According to this therapeutic model, the type and severity of an illness are determined by the duration and intensity of toxin loading in relationship to the body’s inherent capacity for detoxification. «Clogging» of the matrix obstructs the movement of nutrients from blood vessels into cells, disrupting the body’s steady state and hindering important biological processes. The resulting disturbances, which eventually manifest as illness, are the body’s attempt to restore a state of biochemical balance. For Reckeweg, restoring this balance was the ultimate goal of all medical treatment.. 

Opening Channels is a mild liver detoxifier and lymphatic drainage protocol that properly flushes and hydrates all cells, improves digestion, clears out the colon and initiates the process of rebuilding cells and tissues. Dr. LaChapelle generally starts most new clients on this 30-day program to “clarify the biological terrain” and begin the process of restoring your body to the natural state of health and vigor for which it was designed.

The next Step: Normally, the next step is a custom designed program based on a combination of nutritional products, high-energy botanicals and herbs along with homeopathic remedies that specifically target removal of toxins and parasites from your body, promoting healthy tissue regeneration. Toxins like heavy metals, viruses, fungi, molds and many others stand in the way of your ability to regenerate healthy tissues”.

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