Enzymes are energised protein molecules essential for life. They catalyse and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur within the human body. Life could not exist without enzymes - they digest all of our food, rebuild muscle, cells, nerves, tissue, bone and glands. Our living and being is enzyme-dependent. 

Using specific potent plant enzyme supplements it is possible to enhance many of our metabolic processes and thus reduce the rate of depletion of our "enzyme potential" - the total amount, determined by our DNA, of enzymes our bodies can produce in a lifetime.

The enzymes we use at the Natural Therapies Centre include plant-derived (unlike most of the commercial enzymes available in the shops which are from porcine pancreas). These enzymes are the highest potency, pharmaceutical-grade plant enzymes available and they work in a very broad pH range in the body (unlike the animal enzymes).

Used under professional guidance, and especially in conjunction with Biological Terrain AssessmentDarkfield Microscopy and Electro-Dermal Screening, these enzymes can be particularly effective in improving digestion of nutrients, transportation of herbs and biological remedies as well as having a direct influence on the integrity of the blood and the immune system.