The WaveShield is a breakthrough in material science. This invention was awarded with a US Patent 6 369 399B claiming “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device”.



The WaveShield

  • Cell phones radiation is strongest when it is in use or when signal strength is weak. The patented WaveShield material with its nano rings structure, is calibrated to get “excited” when exposed to the radiation from the cell phone. As the nano ring begins to vibrate, emitting very low organic frequencies which is similar to our biological cell’s vibrations. This low organic frequency modulates on the cell phone’s EMF and negates the unwarranted negative effects of cell phone radiation.

    Testes from independent labs in the US, Singapore, and Japan, has validated the efficacy of the WaveShield. Some of the test done includes optical encephalography, thermography, specific absorption rate or SAR testing (using the Phantom Head), multiple biological testes, EEG, Live Blood test (US, Singapore and Thailand), multiple bio-impedance test and the water crystal test done by the late Masaru Emoto.

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