The Wave Rider is science’s answer to radiation. It’s a patented one of its kind product. This stand-alone device generates protective frequencies by inducing the oscillation of a polymer at frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with electromagnetic radiation.




The WaveRider

  • The Wave Rider polymer material does not reduce the power of electromagnetic fields. It "shields" the cellular structures of the body against the harmful biological effects of EMR. The radiation is still entering the body, but the neutralizing effect of Wave Rider polymer material reduces the adverse effects associated with exposure.

    The Wave Rider addresses deficiencies in current methods for the protection against electromagnetic radiation and provides related benefits. The Wave Rider is a device for protecting a subject against exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The Wave Rider includes a housing, a solenoid operably connected to a driver and a polymer. The solenoid generates incident radiation which results in the polymer emitting electromagnetic oscillations at frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with the subject's exposure to the electromagnetic radiation. The polymer includes a polar matrix, an oxidated hydrocarbon emulsifier, a galvanic salt, a dye or stain, and a polysaccharide.

    The solenoid includes a two-frequency mode that generates two carrier frequencies of incident radiation, when the carrier frequencies are at higher frequencies than the oscillation frequencies. Carrier frequencies induce oscillation of the polymer materials. The solenoid is positioned circumferentially around an inner cylinder that houses the polymer.

    The Wave Rider device will be useful for the protection against radiation emitted from electronic devices such as a computer, a computer peripheral, a cellular telephone, a television, an audio system, a household appliance, and the like. Further, the device may protect against any intentional or unintentional sources of electromagnetic radiation with Effective Radiation Power (ERP) limited in compliance with FCC regulations. The Wave Rider can be placed from about 5 feet to 30 feet from the subject and offer protection.

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