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Dental Analysis

Each tooth relates and is connected to various organs in the body. If there is a problem with a tooth it can adversely affect the related organ/s. If there is a problem with an organ it can also cause pain or discomfort in the related tooth. We specifically test for problems that may arise due to the use of amalgam fillings.

The use of metal amalgams in dental fillings can generate electrical currents and these, in turn, can ionise metals such as mercury into toxic vapour that can be inhaled. 
Simple electrical testing can measure these currents and help determine the urgency of amalgam replacement. Materials other than amalgam are available for fillings and it is important that these be checked for biocompatibility before they are implanted. It is also wise to evaluate heavy metal toxicity and initiate detoxification. Fortunately, these procedures are quick, simple and painless! Heavy metal detoxification can be precisely managed using specific homoeopathic and other natural remedies.

We provide the following Dental Tests: 

  • Amalgam Galvanic Current Testing 

  • Biocompatibility Testing for Dental Materials 

  • Heavy Metal Testing and Detoxification. 

  • Impact of dental toxicity on body system

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