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Body Composition, not just body weight, is an important indicator of your health and fitness. The vitality, toxicity and fluid levels of every living cell largely determine our current state of well being.


Body Composition Analysis (B.C.A.) is scientifically validated assessment that accurately measures the fat mass, muscle mass and water volume of the body, providing valuable information about cellular health.

B.C.A. assessment will measure:

  • Cellular Vitality 

  • Cellular Fluid Levels 

  • Cellular Toxicity

  • Fat Mass 

  •  Muscle Mass

Providing Information on:

  • Biological Age

  • Calorie Requirement 

  • Intra & Extra Cellular Fluids 

  • Toxicity Levels 

  • Active Tissue Mass

This is a non-invasive assessment, safe for all ages and can be carried out in pregnancy and on individuals with pacemakers.

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